In various examples and texts throughout the Bible, the mention of elders implies that each church is comprised of more than one elder – multiple leaders.


Decisions in leadership are not always easy to solve and require more than one mind to get the right answer. Spiritual leaders are those who recognize that individual ruggedness will not always provide all of the wisdom needed for the correct solution. We are reminded that,


By wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory” Proverbs 24:6


It is important for leaders to amplify the judgment and wisdom in each other. The strength in plurality among leaders comes from the combination of wisdom and life experiences. Leader can complement one another, offering different perspectives based on giftedness. While everyone has their own weaknesses, the chances of those weaknesses coming to the surface in a time of decision-making are less likely with more counselors.


I know from experience that being a leader is a full-time job that requires much prayer and advice. Leaders must lead in all carefulness  with their followers, and make many preparations for success. Even when school is not in session,  our team is always working to strengthen our leadership potential and decision- making by focusing on discussion and learning.  Team leadership offers the chance for the delegation of tasks and responsibility sharing.  The leader can instead focus their time, passion, and energy into fewer, more important tasks. I am reminded again that


“in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14


Team leadership allows us to share wisdom, while also providing a different viewpoint on a topic. With more options presented, leaders are given the opportunity to weigh different viewpoints and decide on the best outcome for the situation. Difficult situations are bound to present themselves and it is up to leaders to work together in encouragement and to rejoice always.


I have experienced the benefits of teamwork and working in leadership with my peers. It is an experience that has benefited me in growth as an individual and as a leader.