Finishing high school is one of the best feelings in the world but the transition into college may not feel as great at first. There are many challenges that one will face while entering this new chapter of your life. With the pandemic causing some changes, colleges are still not sure if they will continue to have all online courses or smaller in-person classes. No matter how it rolls out, there is a lot to take into consideration while planning for your freshman year. Here are some great tips for incoming freshmen to follow while they strive for success. 


Before moving out of your current home, you might want to figure out your college living situation. Many campuses offer on-campus housing which includes dorms and apartments. Colleges that are located in bigger cities often offer off-campus housing apartments. When looking for places keep in mind the location of your class buildings so you don’t have too long of a commute. 


Getting organized will help incoming students in more places than they think. From a shared dorm room to a crazy class schedule, it’s very important to have a plan. Think about going to the bookstore and buying a yearly planner to help you job all of your daily tasks and school work down. You will be able to carry this skill wherever life may take you after college. 

Pack Smart

As much as you’d like to pack up your whole room with memories from high school, there’s a good chance that you won’t have room for everything. Reach out to your roommates to see what appliances and supplies you should bring so there’s no duplicated laying around the apartment. If you ever need anything from home you can ask your family to ship it to you or take a trip back to visit them for the weekend if you’re not too far.


If you worked a summer job before college that might be all of the money you have saved as of right now. Now that you’re away from home things will start to add up. New friends may ask you to grab a bite to eat, or a professor may be asking you to buy a very expensive textbook. Sit back and budget how much you are able to spend and where at. Budgeting will help you determine if you need to cut back or even look for a part-time job on campus. 

Get Involved

Put yourself out there and find a club or organization that speaks to you! These are going to be some of the best years of your life, so don’t spend them hiding in your dorm. Meeting people in clubs or events are perfect for networking and can help your resume in the long run!