The college years are some of the most formative years in any teenagers life. Decisions are made about many important issues such as how to think properly, an ethical framework for living, decisions about getting married, and decisions about career choices are all made in these years. These years are so impactful but are gone like a flash as freshmen turn into seniors and suddenly have to face the outside world.


Many students go back to school to continue furthering their education with a masters degree or doctorate.


College is the perfect time to reflect on your past and look forward to what’s to come. As a  student, you will begin to mature and there will be a profound realization that those around have wisdom- yes even parents will become much wiser. One of the important aspects of life is to choose friends carefully as they will impact your entire life.  Don’t choose the party crowd who is not interested in learning, but choose wisely.  However, making friends who share the same career interests as you is important and these friends can last a lifetime.


Friendship is pivotal, and surrounding yourself with others who share in your passion for Jesus Christ will fortify you for college. College is also the best time to reflect on yourself as an individual. These are the perfect years to discover your passion in life, and develop goals for the rest of your life.


I am also reminded,  “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6 The understanding of God’s Word is the ultimate testament of wisdom for your life. Seek Him daily and study to be the best disciple by giving your life to Him.

You will never regret that decision.