As the United States struggles with responding to the coronavirus there hasn’t been a single industry left unaffected. For many college seniors, it had appeared that they would be entering one of the healthiest labor markets in recent decades, however, seeking their first post-grad job will look significantly different now.


After spending four years working hard to attain higher education, it saddens many students who are now dealing with what it means to graduate during a pandemic. So what advice can be offered to those who are beginning the next chapter in their lives amongst so much uncertainty?


Accept Support From Your School


College students, particularly those who are entering the job market have been experiencing feelings of confusion and fear. It’s important for students to reach out to their school’s career centers and stay connected to their counselors and career advisors. These professionals are equipped with a number of tools that they can use to help students begin to process their plans of action, sort through any confusing feelings, and develop great game plans to move forward.


Take Time to Adjust


Remember that it takes time to adjust. The levels of uncertainty in so many industries have caused many companies to pause hiring or lower the amount of staff. Don’t be afraid of regrouping, focusing on what is in front of you right now, and pushing any long-term plan off a bit until things improve.


Take this time to reflect on the past four years, seek peace in His grace, and allow yourself the appropriate amount of time to adjust to the new realities that surround you. Spending more time in prayer may help you in finding clarity.


Gain New Skills


While the time it takes to job search is being extended there is an opportunity to utilize time to gain new skills. Consider using this time to improve an existing skill or learn something new that can be added to your resume. Often, there are gaps in our skill sets, perhaps this uncertain time can be used to learn photoshop or enhance writing skills.


Be Flexible


Being flexible during times of uncertainty is one of the most important things for success. Often, college students believe that their major only fits into one specific area. However, the skills that are acquired while studying within one’s major is really only providing a foundation. There are experiences and opportunities along the ay that can be taken advantage of and help in shaping a career path.


Be flexible and explore industries that you wouldn’t have considered before. Areas such a technology and online platforms are thriving right now. Many students may find that pivoting and applying the skills they’ve gained in new ways will help them to flourish after graduation.


Above all else, practicing faith and moving forward with an understanding of God’s will can help everyone to navigate through these uncertain times.