When thinking about how to motivate others you should put into consideration how you have been motivated before. Everyone has their way of doing it, but some are just more successful than others. If you want to motivate others, you must start from within and be able to motivate yourself during hard times. It’s important to keep in mind that strategies that didn’t help you could help someone else gain motivation. Being able to motivate others is not something everyone is capable of, but with determination it is possible. Here are three essential tips on how to motivate others in any environment.

1. Listen

The best way to motivate others is by listening to them before anything. It’s common for someone to approach individuals with a long speech while trying to motivate them, but that’s not too effective. People can lose interest fast and not feel like they are being seen. Start conversations with questions on their goals and dreams in life. These questions being asked should be open-ended to get the best answers out of individuals. Whether you are sitting in a one on one or in front of a group, it’s important to listen since this is just the beginning of the motivational process.

2. Encourage

When someone is sharing their dreams and goals, they might not sound too confident about it. This is where you step in and encourage them with your words. Share some of your life experiences going through obstacles to succeed. Everyone has been in this position at some point so you can help more than you think. You have already listened to this individual and hopefully learned about their interest and skills. Saying things like “I think your skills in X will help you succeed in Y” will help them see that they’re on the right track. Some people have all of the right things in front of them but just need a little push of encouragement to get their feet rolling. 


After listening to a person and encouraging them to do their best, now is where you challenge them. Setting goals is the best way to get an individual or team to focus completely on a task project. When someone has another person behind them pushing them to achieve something, they are more likely to work harder since not only would they let themselves down, but you as well. This is a great way to create positive outcomes and stay in touch with the people you challenge. If you’re speaking to a middle school student you can challenge them to raise their grades before high school and connect back when the time comes.